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Processing Incoming Payments

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2018 11:41AM PDT

You negotiated a Quote, you've Dispatched and delivered the load, you sent out an Invoice – and hopefully, at the end of this long road, you are going to get paid. When a cheque arrives from one of your Customers, you can use the Incoming Payment Wizard to process that payment and match it up with any outstanding Invoices pending for that Customer.

The Incoming Payment Wizard can be found in the Tools section of the left navigation.


Step 1: Customer and Cheque Information

First, select the Customer whose payment you want to process. Fill in the Cheque Number, the date the cheque was received, and the Amount of the payment.

If you want to assign the check to a specific deposit , click the 'Automatically Deposit Payment' – this will bring up fields to select the Account to deposit into, and record the date of the deposit. This will create a Deposit record in the Deposits list.

When you have filled out all the necessary information, click the 'Show Invoices' button to continue to Step 2.


Step 2: Distribute Payment

Once you have clicked 'Show Invoices', a list of outstanding Invoices for the Customer in question will appear below. This is where you distribute the total payment amount to the Invoices that are being paid.


To do so, locate the outstanding Invoices in question and enter the amount to apply towards each Invoice in the 'Applied' field. The 'Remaining Balance' field at the top of the page will display how much of the payment remains unassigned.


Step 2: Distributing Payment for Batched Invoices

If the payment you are receiving is for a Batched Invoice, the process is much the same. However, you can use the 'Filter Batch Invoice Number' drop-down at the top of the list to select the specific Batch Code that the Payment is being applied to.


Selecting a code will show only the Invoices batched under that code on the list, which will make it easier for you to distribute the payment amounts.

Step 3: Processing the Payment

Once you have assigned the full amount of the payment, click 'Process'. This will create a CHECK in your Receivables for the total amount of the incoming payment, and also associate the payment with the related Invoice(s). It will also return you to the blank Incoming Payment Wizard, in case you have further payments to process.


Underpaid Invoices

Sometimes a Customer will be unwilling or unable to pay the entire amount of an Invoice — in this case, Tailwind allows you to either carry over or write off the outstanding balance. These options will appear under the 'Status' column once you enter an applied amount less than the invoice total. If you decide to write off the balance, you can add a note to the end of the line indicating the reason for the write-off.



Customer Credit

If after you have fully paid all the outstanding Invoices, it turns out that the Customer has overpaid — if there is still a Remaining Balance — then clicking on the 'Process with Positive Balance' button will bring up a Post dialog box. As with an underpaid invoice, you have the option of either carrying over the balance – in this case, as a Credit to the Customer — or writing it off.

In either case, the system will create an Invoice for a negative amount — you will need to select a Charge Type to use for this Invoice. If this is the first time you have had to extend credit to the customer, you may need to create an Expense Item, such as 'Overpayment' or 'Credit'. Once you have selected the appropriate charge type, click the button that matches your choice to finish processing the payment.

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